Conference “WOW! Europe embraces MOOCs”

The HOME project, coordinated by EADTU, will organise a network event showcasing the uptake of MOOCs in Europe. This conference “WOW! Europe embraces MOOCs” will take place in Rome on the 30th of November. Final programme is available and will be updated regularly. Given the limited number of seats available, participation is by invitation only. Please send a personal email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you like to participate and/or present your case-study.

The HOME project already organised two successful network events. In November 2014 a conference ‘Mapping The European MOOC Territory’ was held in Porto. The Porto declaration was supported by many organisations, and the report “Position papers for European cooperation on MOOCs” was quoted several times. In June 2015 we held an online seminar and masterclass “How Europe seizes the opportunities offered by MOOCs”,organised as a pre-conference of EDEN2015, Barcelona.

Like last year in Porto, experts from all over Europe will contribute to the this year’s conference “WOW! Europe embraces MOOCs”. Most participants will write papers about their case study discussing the uptake of MOOCs in Europe. These will be collected and published as draft papers available for all conference participants. All (final) papers will be published in a separate report early 2016. Some papers related to the following HOME programme themes will be invited to present their case-study.

  1. Pedagogical approaches in European MOOCs
  2. Shared services in European MOOC context
  3. Business models European MOOCs
  4. Supporting the selection of MOOC platforms
  5. Role media exposure on MOOC development

Like last year we will present the first results of this year’s survey on strategies of Higher Education Institutions regarding MOOCs during the conference in Rome.

The HOME project will organise a policy event in Brussels in May/June next year. That event will focus on the impact of MOOCs for institutional and governmental policy makers.